About Us

Our Vision.
"Good People, Doing Good Things For Good Reasons"
Coffee Curators is a platform built to assist the Australian coffee consumers of the widest range to find the products & roasters for their own personal needs. 
What we do ...
Growing consumer access and understanding of the best coffee roasters Australia has to offer
Building a communication channel to the wider coffee consuming audience in Australia.
Providing a platform and community for consumers to feel comfortable to learn and understand their coffee preferences.
Access to unique Coffee Curators events, showcases and collaboration projects with major brands outside of the coffee industry.
Why we built Coffee Curators
A Rising Tide Lifts All Boats
We believe everyone deserves amazing coffee but we understand people face when trying to find that perfect coffee. So we are here to assist you on the journey of finding the perfect coffee, We work with a select range of some of the best coffee roaster from across Australia who each create amazing coffee with a diverse set of flavours. Not only are we able to help you find your perfect coffee but we are able to help support amazing roasters who are doing great work in there own ways in there communities.
Meet the Team
Lead by General Manager & Founder Caleb Holstein with his years of experience and expertise in setting up & running cafe to roasting and creating unique custom coffee solutions for business and brands across the country. Operations & Creative Manager Bora Jin built the foundation of her skills as a Barista at some of Sydney's best cafes and worked as a quality control officer for one of Australias largest green coffee importers. It with this wealth of expertise she brings to curating our platform and market place.