Passport Specialty Coffee



Brazil, Ethiopia, Timor Leste

Flavour Profile

Chocolate, Malt, Nougat, Dark Cherry




Aeropress, Automatic, Espresso, French Press/Plunger, Moka/Stovetop

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The blend you come home to.

Designed to compliment milk beverages, this blend contains Specialty Coffees from Brazil, Ethiopia and Timor Leste

Full bodied with mild sweetness and lingering aftertaste, notes of chocolate ice cream and coffee

This blend is perfect for drinking with milk.

Brazil is a natural process from the amazing Cocarive cooperative in Mantequira de Minas. It is a member owned cooperative who we share the values of economic and environmental sustainability with. 

The Ethiopian is from the world renowned Guji region and is a blend of many small holders crops collected and processed by the amazing Wonberta Mill. We use a washed process in this blend.

Timor Leste comes from small holders in the Ermera region of Letefoho. The coffee is developed by Passport Speicalty Coffee's green bean partner who provide infrastructure, education and finance to the farmers.