​5 Best Low Acidity Coffee Blends

Posted by Coffee Curator on 6th Apr 2021

5 Best Low Acidity Coffee Blends

In our humble opinion, the 5 best low acidity coffees are as follows:

Forever Hipster

This is a full bodied espresso with notes of dark chocolate and nuts. This blend is super popular among all of our customers and is a consistent recommendation for all coffee-lovers - not only the people who enjoy low acidity coffees!


Another coffee on the darker side of things. It has notes of peanut butter, nougat, caramel and spice, leading into a darker, full bodied finish. The complexity and beautiful sweetness of this coffee makes it an absolute must-try. It makes your morning coffee like a desert!

Milky Chance

This coffee is one of our personal favourites. It is a blend of 6 different origins, and has beautiful flavour notes of caramel and milk chocolate. It is a medium to dark roast. Most uniquely, this coffee has an incredibly soft mouth feel combined with strong aromatics that reliably seep through into your palate every morning as you drink this coffee.

Smooth Criminal

This blend is an interesting one. It is a combination of quite a few different origins, so one would think that the corners of its flavour notes are softened - this is not the case. This coffee is the sweetest and the richest coffee on this list. The fact that its name features the term ‘smooth’ is a bold claim, but one that is totally backed up. This blend walks the talk when it comes to smoothness. It has the usual notes of caramel, and chocolate, but there are interesting undertones of strawberry which really add to the sweetness that this blend features.


Creamy and delicious. This blend tastes like a chocolate paddle pop. There are super dominant chocolate flavour notes in this blend. This blend has undertones of cherry. If you are someone who does not consider themselves to be very capable of tasting the different subtle flavour notes in different coffee blends, this blend is a must-try because you will absolutely notice chocolate flavour notes that will catapult you back into a chocolate paddle pop filled childhood.

Making Smart Purchasing Choices: Some Information on Low Acidity

Although higher levels of coffee acidity are generally considered desirable for the flavour notes of coffee beans, reducing the acidity of coffee beans is usually beneficial for those who suffer from acid-reflux or are sensitive to high levels of acidity in coffee. Reducing the acidity of coffee beans may also help keep your teeth white and save your enamel from damage.

1. Altitude and Oxygen Levels

Low acidity coffee results from coffee beans that are grown in more moderate climates. High acidity coffee is usually grown at very high altitudes that have low levels of oxygen; when starved of oxygen, the coffee plants produce lactic acid, which adds to the acidity of the coffee.. At lower altitudes, the coffee plants are not starved of oxygen, and therefore do not produce lactic acid.

If you are looking for a lower level acidity coffee blend, whether for espresso or pour-over, generally the best place to start your search is to try a Sumatran blend. Sumatra is a perfect example of coffee that comes from a low altitude.

2. Roast Length

The length of time that the coffee beans are roasted for impacts upon their acidity. The acidity levels in coffee beans can be further reduced by ensuring that you purchase darker roasted coffee. Darker roasts burn off a large amount of acidity. Longer roasted coffees are recommended. Shorter and lighter roasts cannot burn off the same level of acidity from the coffee; while they are better at preserving flavour notes, generally speaking, lighter roasts are not recommended for some

one who is seeking low acid espresso.

Additional Methods for Reducing Acidity

Water temperatures are another factor that can impact upon the acidity levels of coffee. Lower water temperatures reduce acidity further. Pour-over coffees tend to be lower in acidity. Avoid espressos if you want to lower the acidity levels of your coffee by a few percentage points.

Further, adding baking soda, milk, or coffee acid reducers can also reduce the acidity levels of your morning cup of coffee. However, of course, these methods can impact upon the flavours of the coffee. A lower acidity coffee will already be undesirable in terms of having delicate flavour notes; these fragile flavour notes will most likely be completely removed as a result of adding in these additional methods of reducing the acidity levels of coffee.