How You Should Store Your Coffee Beans

Posted by Coffee Curator on 6th Apr 2021

How You Should Store Your Coffee Beans

The age old question is finally answered - what is the best way to store specialty coffee beans? 

At a dinner party with a friend this conversation came up for me recently, and it may well have come up for many of you in the past; there seems to be some confusion around the topic of what temperature coffee beans should be stored at, or how they should be stored. Many people opt for storing their freshly roasted coffee beans in the fridge in a coffee bag, while others opt for keeping coffee beans in cupboards, storing the beans at room temperature.

The enemies of coffee beans are air, heat, and moisture. The recommended method of storing coffee beans is to store them at room temperature, in an airtight container.  Additionally, try and keep your beans out of the sun - so storing them within a cupboard is ideal. You can purchase any of our featured coffee blends by clicking here in order to put this theory to the test. You will not be dissapointed!

Retail packaging for coffee beans is usually not the best option for your coffee’s longevity considering the fact that such packages usually do not remain airtight after being opened.

If you take your coffee storage seriously, it is probably worth investing in some form of an airtight container to store your coffee beans. Good storage is even more important for pre-ground coffee beans, as oxygen becomes a bigger threat to pre-ground coffee and so the quality of the beans deteriorate even more quickly than normal coffee beans outside of an airtight environment.

If you insist on refrigerating or freezing your coffee for the sake of longevity, be sure to absolutely use an airtight container, as coffee absorbs moisture, and the tiniest slip in the airtightness of the coffee’s container could damage the quality of the beans.

Considering all of these storage tips, when is the actual best time to enjoy your coffee? 

As roasters, We would typically recommend anywhere between 3~14 days after roasting for filter coffee, and 7~21 days for espressos and milk based coffees for when you should be starting consumption of coffee beans.