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Is it really cheaper to make your own coffee at home?

Posted by Coffee Curator on 26th Oct 2021

It’s a frequently asked question and the short answer is YES.

But as industry professionals, we see the value of the hospitality service that comes with the coffee served at cafes as well as the barista’s expertise. Which is why we recommend saving those experiences for when you have the time to enjoy those luxuries of speaking to the barista/roaster and catching up with a mate.

For your daily cuppas, we highly recommend investing in your method of choice (be it a filter or espresso) and learning how to make the best version of it as it is a smarter financial choice and a super rewarding experience.

Going into the maths of it!

According to Statistica (Article released in 2019 December), the average cup of latte in Australia is $3.99.

Say you drink one regular latte every weekday morning for a month, your coffee expense for a month is $79.80 (957.60).

Making Milk Coffee at Home

Calculated with Josie Coffee's Uptown Funk + Woolworths Riverina Full Cream milk 2L =

(on the assumption of 23g dose per double shot. 

This is quite a generous assumption as a usual domestic portafilter is built for 15~18g dose.)

“What about equipment?”

For someone who is looking into an easy to use, entry level machine, we highly recommend the Sunbeam Barista Max. Accounting for the initial equipment cost ($750), your yearly spendings on weekday coffees at cafes vs home will seem as quite even, But you will be saving over the years.

In the 4th year, I have budgeted $1000 extra to the ‘at home’ coffee spendings to allow for the equipment upgrade you may want to make!

Black coffee at home

Calculated with Passport Coffee Single Origin BundleFilter Papers =

For the 1st year, we have added the one off purchase of glass server ($23.95)Glass V60 Dripper ($41.95)


As we mentioned earlier, We do highly recommend having your coffees in cafes if you have the ability to, as we value the hospitality experience, ambiance of the venues, chat to someone other than your colleague before you get to work but if you are looking for ways to save for your next big purchase, making the switch of your daily take away coffees to a home-made one - can bring you a step closer to your financial goals!