Single Origin or Blends?

Posted by Coffee Curator on 17th Feb 2021

You may be wondering, why are Single Origin coffees more expensive? 

Or lost in our 80+ selection of coffees from different roasters, what is better?

We will be going through what the difference between Single Origin and Blends are, and also discussing, what would be best for you.

Single Origin is an umbrella term for a wide range of products. It could mean that the particular coffee is from one farm or one farmer or a co-operation of farmers who work together in one area. Coffees that are a single origin tend to have a unique flavour profile due to the terroir of the farm, the varietal and the processing methods.

To highlight the unique flavours of single origin coffees, roasters usually roast quite lightly to showcase the natural characteristics of fruits and florals the coffee holds and is a terrific way for us to experience and explore different origins that are mastered by farmers and producers. The price of Single Origin coffees tends to be more expensive as it’s a scarce product and very much seasonal.

Single Origin coffees roasted for filter coffees usually do not pair well with milk as these coffees still hold fruit acids that can alter the pH of the milk.

Blends are essentially different single origin coffees combined. Coffee roasters design blends with a specific flavour profile in mind then sources coffees that will pair well to create these flavours, roast and combine to create their blend. Blends tend to be more full-bodied as they are usually roasted darker for the coffee bean to be caramelised enough for it to pair well with milk (as that is most of our consumers like to drink!), a bit more robust, approachable and consistent all year round. If one of the blend component become unavailable the next year, roasters can change what goes into the blend and still achieve the same flavour profile with their knowledge and skills in roasting coffee.

We like to think that Blends are a roaster or a café's signature dish, and Single Origins as something fun they offer as a ‘Specials’ menu.

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