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Top 5 Low Acidity Decaf

Top 5 Low Acidity Decaf

Posted by Coffee Curator on 8th Oct 2021

Here are our top 5 recommendations for low acidity decaf!

Not Addicted Decaf

The Not Addicted Sugarcane Decaf from Circles is near and dear to our hearts as our founder Caleb Holstein had the opportunity to taste it at origin when Sugarcane Processed Decaf coffee became readily available.

The Not Addicted Decaf has notes of milk chocolate, spices with a higher sweetness with little to no acidity.

Legend Decaf

Before Peter, the founder of Legend Coffee & Co set up his roastery in Gosford, he was known to the coffee community as ‘Decaf Pete’ for the exceptional quality decaf he roasted.

The Legend Decaf is also from Colombia, has tasting notes of milk chocolate, poached pear and cola.

Colombia Swiss Water Decaf

Josie Coffee’s Decaf is a premium Swiss Water Process blend which has an incredibly soft mouth feel combined with strong aromatics,tasting notes of chocolate and cherry. that seep through into your palate, without the typical decaf “flatness”.

La Serrania Decaf

Roasted in Newcastle by Floozy Coffee, the La Serrania Decaf has flavour notes of red berries and dark chocolate, a perfect choice if you plan to drink your coffee through an espresso machine - be it with milk or as black coffee!

Colombian Organic Decaf

Served in KWILA locations, The Colombian Organic Decaf is mountain water processed (Process using pure water from high mountains in Colombia) The extraction process uses a water based saturation solution that removes caffeine while keeping the coffee’s flavour compounds in place which is why you are still able to enjoy burnt caramel and tropical fruit like notes with Kwila’

Why we value decaf

We believe switching to decaf shouldn’t cause compromise in flavour because we understand regular caffeinated coffees can cause acid reflux and/or heartburns for some, which is why we ensure there are quality decaf available for those who have an underlying health condition.