Circles Guatemala & Rwanda 500G Bundle

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250G Guatemala Willy Juarez & 250G Rwanda Musasa Rutsiro
Guatemala El Guatalon Willy Juarez
Guatamala El Guatalon
Flavour Profile
Tropical fruits, strawberry jam, florals
Espresso, Filter
Rwanda Musasa Rutsiro
Rwanda Musasa Rutsiro
Flavour Profile
Grapes, Raspberry, Brown Sugar
Espresso, Filter
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Circles Guatemala & Rwanda Bundle includes :

  • 250g Rwanda Musasa Rutsiro Natural
  • 250g Guatemala Willy Juarez Anaerobic Natural

RWANDA Musasa Rutsiro Natural

Origin : Rwanda, Rutsiro
Farm : Musasa washing station
Processing : Natural
Altitude : 1,526 masl
Varietal : Bourbon

A combined effort of 1,750 small holding growers who all live in the 15km radius of the Musasa washing station, The growers in this region receive regular training in necessary farming practices to make sure utmost care is taken with quality from the very beginning. This classic bourbon carries notes of purple grapes , raspberries with brown sugar sweetness.

GUATEMALA El Guatalon Willy Juarez ANAEROBIC

Origin : Guatemala, Santa Rosa
farm : El Guatalon
processing : Natural Anaerobic
altitude : 1850 masl
varietal : Pacamara

When a young farmers passion meets the unique subtropical climates of Guatemala, we are gifted with complex and exciting flavours such as this anaerobic Natural processed pacamara. Bursting with flavours of Tropical fruits , strawberry jam and lingering, delicate florals, the cup would definitely be love at first sight or rather, first taste!