Passport Specialty Coffee



Papua New Guinea, Ethiopia

Flavour Profile

Strawberry, Lychee, Peach, Milk Chocolate




Aeropress, Automatic, Espresso, French Press/Plunger, Moka/Stovetop, Pourover Filter

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Take a trip away from the traditional.

Designed for black coffees but also compliments milk for those who like a sweeter/fruitier cup. Departure is a Blend of Specialty Coffee from Papua New Guinea & Ethiopia.

Medium bodied with nice sweetness and clean aftertaste.

Notes of Strawberry, Tropical Fruits and Nougat.

This blend is perfect for drinking black or with milk.

The Ethiopian is from the Shakiso district of the Guji region and is coffee collected from the villiages surrounding the mill of Tabe Burka. It is then prepared as a Natural Process.

The PNG is from the Baroida estate in PNG's Eastern Highlands Province. The coffee is collected as cherry from the surrounding area known as Boana and processed at Baroida. The estate has sophisticated processing equipment and raised drying beds. This coffee is an outstanding representation of high quality eastern highlands PNG coffee.