Darks Bundle: Bold

Darks Coffee Roasters

Brazil, Colombia, India, Indonesia, Panama, PNG
Flavour Profile
Brown Sugar, Burnt Toffee, Dark Choc, Malt, Milk Chocolate, Roasted Nuts, Sweet Spice, Toffee
Automatic, Espresso, Stovetop, Mokapot
Usually roasted & shipped within 1 business day.
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This Espresso bundle takes you on a journey

This bundle consists of three strong espressos from our mates at Darks Coffee roasters and will help you to explore your preferences. All three come with full heavy bodies and a low acidity, but you will taste flavours and nuances of different origins.

Dark Chocolate with light sweetness wins prizes

If you start off with U47 you’ll find a well-balanced espresso with a structured sweet and clean cup. Composed of coffees from Colombia, Papua New Guinea and Panama, it combines all the characteristics in coffee we love from each country. The syrupy body pairs notes of roasted flavours from malt, nutty nuances to dark chocolate with crisp acids and some light and clean sweetness reminding you of brown sugar.

Bronze Winner, Sweet As Honey

M49 has a totally different heritage background, but the structure has a similar basis as U47. It also combines a heavy body with low acidity and the flavours range from roasted cereal to a touch of caramel. To round things up, you’ll find cashew and spices leading into a dark finish. The acidity is slightly lower than U47 but a tad more defined as it comes with a light touch of dark berries. If prepared with milk, milk chocolate and honey sweetness breaks through.

One of the darkest roasts available

Satan’s Crowbar blend works in the same direction. It is STRONG and pushes the limits of coffee roasting. It has a dominant dark chocolate flavour, supported by fine brown sugar notes while having almost no acidity. This blend is one of the darkest roasts available on The Coffee Network and is thus for all you Italian espresso enthusiasts out there who like their coffee STRONG. You’ll taste the difference to the U47 and the M49 - this is one mean coffee. If you are looking for a strong coffee to use with your espresso machine or your Moka/stovetop, you just found your Italian style coffee right here.

All three blends go well for espresso machines as well as for practically any other device.

If you don’t have a grinder at home and need your coffee ground, please make sure to select the correct grind option.