First Batch Espresso Bundle

First Batch Coffee Roasters

Colombia, Ethiopia
Flavour Profiles
Milk Chocolate, Sweet Fruits, Wildberries
Automatic, Espresso, French Press/Plunger
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Award Winning Espresso Blends

This bundle contains two great blends from First Batch Coffee Roasters, Venture and Noosa. Both will blow your mind with great complexity and a wide flavour pattern. Venture and Noosa have a medium body base that is mainly brought into play by the Colombian Arabica beans. These also account for the sweet flavours that are supported by the Papua New Guinea heritage which is the origin of the second component of Venture blend. Although Venture is roasted a little darker than the Noosa, it displays fruity notes along with an overall buttery character and a balanced acidity.

Sweet espresso with a round body

Award winning Noosa on the other hand is a little cheekier and located on the wild side of espresso. The Colombian bean base is similar to Venture and results in a sweet espresso with a round body. Then the Ethiopian Arabica beans kick in and is accompanied by a great complexity and detailed fruity flavours. You will find distinguished notes of wild berries with a sweet milk chocolate finish.

The espresso for your Flat White

Both blends are designed to work well in your espresso machine, enjoyed with or without milk. If you want to explore some different fruity flavours, use Noosa blend in your french press/plunger. You will discover a great diversity within the same coffee, which will motivate you to experiment more which will broaden your coffee horizon.

If you don’t have a grinder at home and need your coffee ground, please make sure to select the correct grind option.