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Raymond T. (Blend Subscriber since Mar, 2020)

★★★★★ | Blend Subscription

Love opening package every month. An opportunity to taste new brews and a chance to learn about the roaster, the roast and especially like the recipe formula as well. Well Done Caleb and team!

Frederick A. (Blend Subscriber since Mar, 2021)

★★★★★ | Highlight of the month

Very much enjoying my blend monthly subscription. Packages arrive timely and in good order. Interesting variety of flavours and I am becoming a bit more perceptive about my coffee. Very much look forward to my monthly delivery. Thank you.

Andrew P. (Single Origin Subscriber since June, 2021)

★★★★★ | Loved it!

I got this for 6 months as a gift for my husband. He absolutely loved every coffee that came, and looked forward to each delivery! Will definitely get it again down the track :)

Peter S. (Blend & Single Origin Subscriber since May, 2021)

★★★★★ | Fantastic

It arrives pretty quick, it's packed well with minimal waste, and I like the little info cards that come with the different brands.

Danielle B. (Blend & Single Origin Subscriber since August, 2021)

★★★★★ | Fantastic Service

Have signed up to a monthly subscription as a gift for my partner. So far the service has been fantastic, amazing support & prompt delivery of interesting coffees with information on both the SO & blend. Would recommend.

Broderick S. (Blend Subscriber since August, 2021)

★★★★★ | Have a Ball with new and exciting coffee beans each month!

Great, came on time, different tastes each month, wonderful present! highly recommend this to anyone who loves coffee!

Wayne S. (Blend Subscriber since Febuary, 2022)

★★★★✩ | Loving the coffee

Coffee is great, not needing to try and pick is the reason I went with subscription. I wish there was a 3x 250g option though, we use a little more than 500g per month but 1kg is way to much

Shannon H. (Gift Subscription Purchasor)

★★★★★ | Perfect gift!

I got the subscription as a gift to my parents and paid for their 3 months of coffee and they have absolutely loved it!

They are both huge coffee lovers but tend to stick with the blends they already know and love so this was an amazing way for them to both try out some really cool and unique local blends.

Both have said its been one of their favourite presents ever!

Samantha B. (Blend & Single Origin Subscriber since April, 2022)

★★★★★ | A fantastic idea for those who love all things coffee!

We have really loved our first batch and loved the video that came with it explaining the coffee and where it came from. Such a lovely personal touch.

Luke G. (Blend & Single Origin Subscriber since June, 2022)

★★★★★ | The best of both worlds

I love having the option tasting 2 different roasts each month for me and my partner and its also been a great learning experience getting to experience the difference between the two.

I feel like a coffee nerd these days thanks to Coffee Curators!

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