Seasonal Espresso Blend

Market Lane



Colombia San Antonio, Rwanda Nyarusiza Kawanziza

Flavour Profile

Red apple, Plum, Brown Sugar




Espresso, French Press, Stove Top

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Both the coffees that make up this Seasonal Blend were produced by groups of dedicated smallholder farmers whose beans were combined into lots of coffee large enough to sell and export.

70% of this espresso is made up of San Antonio, which is produced by nine smallholder farmers in Colombia’s Inzá municipality. The region has breathtaking views of the Nevado del Huila volcano, which provides the area with rich soil that is ideal for agriculture. The producers who contributed to this lot farm on small properties, averaging one hectare in size. At harvest time, the ripe cherries are selectively hand-picked and then washed processed at a micro-beneficio (wet mill) on-site or belonging to a neighbour or family member.

30% of this blend is made up of Nyarusiza Kawanziza, grown by a farmer’s group in Rwanda’s Nyamagabe District, in the hills that surround the Nyarusiza washing station. Members of the Kawanziza group provide each other with support, resources and labour during the busy harvest period. Washed processing and marketing their coffees together as a unique lot enables the group to benefit from any premiums paid specifically for their coffee, resulting in higher incomes to support their families.

Market Lane's Seasonal Blend is designed to be versatile – it tastes delicious when enjoyed on its own, as well as when paired with milk. In the cup, you’ll find notes of red apple and plum with a brown sugar finish.