Seasonal Espresso Blend



Guatemala Santa Clara , Kenya Murang'a Country

Flavour Profile

Cherry Sweetness, Red apple, Caramel




Espresso, French Press, Stove Top

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This espresso is made up of two spectacular washed process coffees. 60% is the sweet and creamy Santa Clara from Antigua Guatemala. Market Lane has worked with producer Ricardo Zelaya since the opening of Market Lane in 2009. Ricardo Zelaya is a very progressive producer, who is continually trialling new coffee varieties and looking for ways to maximise the use of his 90-hectare farm, while ensuring that his farming and processing practices are as sustainable as possible.

40% of the blend is the clean and balanced Wahundura, produced by the Kamachiria Farmer’s Cooperative Society in Central Kenya. Founded in 1972, Kamachiria has 5600 members – most of them second-generation co-op members who inherited their farms from their parents. At harvest time, the producers deliver their ripe cherries to the Wahundura washing station (or ‘factory’ as it’s called locally) where the coffee is carefully sorted and processed, and then dried on raised beds in the sun.

Together, these coffees blend together to create an espresso that works beautifully on its own
as well as with milk. In the cup, you’ll find a cherry sweetness with notes of red apple and a
caramel finish.