Blend & Single Origin Subscription

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We send you Blend & Single Origin from
different Roasters each month!

What are Blends ? 
Blends are made up of beans originating from different coffee producing origins, designed and created by a roaster to reach a desired flavour profile. 

 What are Single Origins ? 
Single Origins showcase coffee from one origin/farm/co-op/producer and are often roasted more lightly to highlight it's unique characteristics and processing methods.

How Often ?
We close each month's order on the 1st of the month, roast fresh and ship on the 10th of the month, but you can skip / pause / cancel anytime.

Something to note!
If you have placed your order bewteen the 2~10th of the month, we will try our best to squeeze you in to that month but you will most likely receive your first box from the month after.